A hole defined is a Barron or vacant space that some kind of matter has either been removed or never placed
Matter has either been removed or never placed

Removed or never placed,
the naked eye deems it empty a vacancy
The mind deems is unfruitful and yearns to fill

With the wrong filling
holes tampered with become bigger if the correct matter isn’t placed
if unsuccessful this hole can grow it bigger than the last one .
Now More vacant space

The undesirableness grows as well.

Now with more vacancy .

My holes, however are indeed filled
Filled with memories

My holes, have history

My holes, serve as a reminder

Documentation; history of matter either removed or never placed.

Trust either removed or never placed
Loyalty either removed or never placed
Love either removed or never placed

My holes deemed undesirable

But my holes are perfect

viewing as filled rather than vacant

With the correct matter, it’ll be filled
With trusting and being trusted, it’ll be filled
With loyalty given and reciprocated; it’ll be filled
With the right kind love it’ll be filled

And now when patched correctly, a smooth surface where a vacancy used to be

Filled with more substance than before . Serving as the memory and now the right kind of substance

Enjoy the vacancy, take your time fill it wisely

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